We promote and list here the major events, seminars, and conferences focused on higher education that are concerned with access, outreach, school liaison, participation, admissions, recruitment, student retention and success, and events which focus on those with particular identities or characteristics.

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24 May, 2022, ‘Embedding the NERUPI Framework in your Access and Participation Plan’

With a fresh approach to widening participation from the OfS along with new guidance for Access and Participation Plans, this event is for members to explore and discuss the implications.  This half day event will give participants the opportunity to:

  • analyse and discuss the new guidance
  • see practical examples from members who have used NERUPI in their APPs
  • discuss and explore next steps in planning.

Participants will also have the opportunity to join NERUPI’s new working group, The NERUPI Framework and the APP.

Members only event, and free for NERUPI (institutional) members to attend (check the current list of NERUPI members here).


25 May 2022, 9:30-13:00: ‘Lessons from Digital Spaces: Inclusion and Support for Student Success’, Centre for Access, Participation and Success, The Open University

A sector-wide free seminar via MS Teams.

The seminar will open with featured articles from a special edition of the Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning entitled ‘Lessons from Digital Spaces: Opportunities and Challenges for Widening Participation Through Online Learning’.  The special edition focuses on Online Education and is timed to come out with the seminar; connecting to Digital Inclusion providing a link between the two, with spotlight presentations from leading experts.  There will be interactive elements and the sharing of resources. Agenda available soon.


25 May 2022: IASAS Professional Development Committee will hold its Collegial Conversation: ‘Student Affairs’ role in building stronger schools in the new normal’

Student Affairs and Services is one of the areas most affected by the pandemic as Student Services continue to battle with the effects of the pandemic. Different national and international organisations initiated different programs and services to help fellow Student Affairs practitioners.  One of the topics of this national International Association of Student Affairs and Services, (a worldwide association of University professionals working in the area of ​​student services) Conversation is focused is advancing the knowledge of SAS’s engagement with pandemic-related issues.
As we go back to our respective institutions, we‘re still challenged and reminded about the core mission of student affairs and services. We need to bring back our goals in advancing social justice, provide mental health services and that will manifest by promoting conditions for students’ reasonable prospects to access, live and learn at higher education institutions, locally and internationally.

This gathering aims to:

  • To hold productive conversation on different strategies on how going back to the university becomes effective and efficient.
  • To present the different challenges and successes of different HEIs in line with the pandemic.
  • To promote conditions for students’ reasonable prospects to access, live and learn at higher education institutions, locally and internationally.

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25 May 2022, 12.00 and 15:30: ‘Black Lives Matter: Accountability, Transparency, Action Revisited’, Leeds Trinity University

Leeds Trinity University is hosting an in-person, free event to commemorate George Floyd, other Black lives, provide a platform for Black students, alumni, staff and Higher Education (HE) leaders to share their lived experiences, and reflect on changes since the resurgence of the BLM movement. The theme for this event will be focussed on accountability, transparency and action and include:

  • an introduction to the event from Leeds Trinity’s Race Equality Charter Partnership co-chair Professor Malcolm Todd, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • external speaker Emily Howden sharing her life story as an anti-apartheid activist from South Africa, with Q and A from the audience
  • a panel session with Black students, alumni, staff and HE leaders sharing their lived experiences with Charles Egbu (Vice-Chancellor), Sulochini Pather (Professor of Education), Ricardo Barker (Senior Professional Practice Fellow), Lewis Miles-Berry (Psychology Master’s student) and Macy Iwediebo (Alumni)
  • a poetry recital from Leeds Trinity alumni Macy Iwediebo.


26 May 2022, 9:30 – 16:30: ‘Enhancing the student experience 2022’, University UK, Woburn House

As we emerge in a post-pandemic world, universities must show agility and foresight to continuously improve the student experience.  From fine-tuning blended learning and supporting students through the cost of living crisis, to addressing student drug use, join us for a packed day of crucial discussions, practical guidance and plenty of networking opportunities with colleagues from across the UK.

Alongside informative, timely content from the most pertinent speakers on the topic, there will also be a wide range of opportunities to network, discuss, and make connections with colleagues within the sector.

We allow delegates to cancel their bookings up to one month before the event and receive a refund. If this applies to you, please contact us at the email or phone number above.


26 May 2022, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm: ‘Supporting University Students: Dealing with the Effects of Covid-19, Prioritising Student Wellbeing and Providing a High-Quality Education’, webinar, Public Policy Exchange

According to a study conducted by Student Minds of students in 2020/21, 74% of students reported that Covid-19 has had a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing at university, 49% of students reported that the Covid-19 pandemic had negatively impacted their financial situation and 82% of respondents said that the Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted their academic experience.As the pandemic eases, it is crucial to explore the long-lasting impacts of Covid-19 on student mental health, financial pressures, and academic attainment.

This symposium will provide a timely opportunity to discuss methods to best support students in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, seeking to prioritise student safety, good mental health, financial wellbeing, and high-quality education.

Key speakers: Nancy Hey, the Director of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing; Ruth Day, Student Living Officer at Bristol Student Union; Euan Hails, Director of Clinical and Therapeutic Governance at Adferiad.


6 June 2022: ‘NERUPI Reflexive Cycle Toolkit: When do we evaluate?’

One in a series of short virtual workshops to introduce members to the online NERUPI Reflexive Cycle Toolkit.  In response to member demand we are offering this event online with an updated set of resources to support members in that all important decision of which interventions warrant an in-depth evaluation and which require a lighter touch. Following a presentation setting out the key considerations and an introduction to the resources participants will have the opportunity to develop a plan.  Members only event, and free for NERUPI (institutional) members to attend (check the current list of NERUPI members here).


6-9 June 2022: Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults (SCUTREA) and the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL)

This joint and collaborative conference hosted by the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Research & Development in Adult and Lifelong Learning (CR&DALL). Bringing together practitioners, activists, policy makers and academics from around the globe, the conference will be looking forward, as well as marking significant milestones – in particular the 50th anniversary of SCUTREA.

The focus of the conference is on research, practice and policy with innovation at its heart.


9 June 2022: ‘Challenges for the future? The student experience, good governance and institutional autonomy’, HEPI annual conference 2022, One Great George Street, London.

With Keynotes from The Rt Hon Michelle Donelan MP, Minister for Higher and Further Education, and Michael Crick, broadcaster, journalist and author, as well as the launch of the 2022 Advance HE / HEPI Student Academic Experience Survey – including an exclusive presentation of the key findings – the HEPI Annual Conference brings together colleagues to discuss and debate the challenges faced across the sector both now and in the future.


9 June 2022: ‘Political affairs in higher education 2022’, Universities UK

At a time in which important decisions are being made about the future funding and regulation of higher education, this conference will give you insight into the broader domestic and international political drivers that will influence government thinking.  Rachel Sylvester, Political Columnist, The Times opens the conference with a keynote speech on the political environment for higher education.

Key experts will cover the latest political developments around the Post-18 Funding Review, the Levelling Up Agenda, the Freedom of Speech Bill, academic freedom and more. There will be practical workshop sessions focusing on how to engage with political parties and work with parliamentary select committees.

Speakers include:

  • Justine Greening, Former Secretary of State for Education
  • Mike Crowhurst, Director for Levelling Up, Public First
  • Aveek Bhattacharya, Chief Economist, Social Market Foundation
  • Professor Bobby Duffy, Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute, King’s College London
  • Martin Webb, External Engagement Manager, Sheffield Hallam University.


14 June 2022, 1-2pm: ‘Rent guarantors for care experienced and estranged students’, NNECL Webinar

Is the guarantor issue for care experienced and estranged students bugging you as well?

Join this NNECL webinar which will be exploring the perennial challenges of rent guarantors for care experienced and estranged students.  In addition to the general difficulties of finding somewhere to live when going to university, these students without family support often struggle to secure appropriate accommodation for their time in higher education as they are unable to access a guarantor or cannot pay the prohibitive cost of a private rent guarantor provider. As a result many face frequent moves and unsuitable accommodation choices while yearning for stability and a ‘home’ during their studies.

You will hear from Stand Alone, Unite, NNECL & Unite Foundation Scholarship Students who will be sharing the findings of their recent survey.  They will be highlighting the main issues and suggesting a simple solution to one common problem.  You will also hear details of a guarantor scheme from colleagues within a higher education provider.

Further details on the programme and speakers to be announced shortly.


16 June 2022, 9:30 – 16:30, ‘Fair admissions conference 2022’, Universities UK

This one-day online conference will investigating the latest updates and challenges in this area; and Universities UK’s latest Fair Admissions code of practice, which sets the behaviours for universities to improve fairness and transparency in the admissions system while maintaining high academic standards.

Alongside informative, timely content from the most pertinent speakers on the topic, there will be a wide range of opportunities to network, discuss, and make connections with colleagues within the sector.  You will also be able to access the recordings of all sessions after the event, including any sessions which you were unable to attend live.


16 June 2022: ‘Gender in HE Conference 2022’: Current, complex, contested: Conversations about Gender in HE’, Advance HE, the Studio, Birmingham

Gender in HE Conference 2022 is a one-day conference bringing together higher education experts in gender equality to address the gender imbalance in higher education.

While gender has been an ongoing discussion for a long time, long-standing issues such as the under-representation of women in STEM subjects and in senior leadership, sexual harassment, and the need to support pregnancy, maternity and caring responsibilities continue to require attention. With workshops and a panels session, this conference is an opportunity to explore this growing agenda, consider the implications for HE institutions and reflect on the practical steps they can take to navigate its complexity.


16-17 June 2022: NEON annual Summer Symposium, Keele University.
2022 Summer Symposium will mark 10 years since NEON was founded in 2012. As with any other organisation a 10th birthday provides an opportunity both to reflect and look forward. At our 10th symposium the theme will be what success means in terms of widening access and participation in higher education.
The conference will focus on initiatives and activities that have had clear, measurable impact over the last 10 years as well as those which consider what constitutes success for learners, schools, colleges, universities and policy makers. The government seeks to ‘reboot’ widening access work and place a stronger emphasis on ensuring learners from under-represented groups achieve good graduate outcome. This is the time for those in the widening access community to put forward their vision of success and help shape the discussion for the Office for Students, universities and the government regarding what widening access work should look like over the next 10 years of NEON’s like and what it should be striving to achieve.
Bringing together key figures from across the education sector, policymakers and employers with organisations from across sectors committed to social mobility through widening access to HE, thus NEON’s Summer Symposium will be the most important event for those working in the field in 2022.


22-23 June 2022: ‘Developing a Successful Volunteering Strategy Post Covid-19’, Inside Government

  • This online Training Course is designed for delegates to further understand how to develop a successful volunteering strategy. Key learnings from the course:
  • Understand how volunteering has been changing and how Covid has impacted the volunteering landscape
  • Explore social trends that have an impact on volunteering and reflect on how your organisation might need to change to engage volunteers
  • Evaluate how to embed diversity and inclusion into your volunteering strategy to better reflect the communities you’re serving
  • Gain insight into how to influence stakeholders across your organisation to to embed a volunteering culture across your charity
  • Build an action plan to enact the changes you need to adapt to social trends, and transform volunteering across your organisation to achieve strategic objectives.


29 June-1 July 2022: ‘One Voice: fusing diverse perspectives for collective action’, FACE annual conference 2022, University of Southampton
Speakers are now confirmed for the FACE 2022 Annual Conference, which we are really pleased to be holding with/hosted by the University of Southampton.  A truly splendid range of keynote speeches and panels from experts in policy making, evaluation, practice and research, interspersed with student and community voices giving their authentic perspective:

  • John Blake, Director of Fair Access and Participation, Office for Students
  • Dr Julian Crockford, Chief Programmes Officer, Villiers Park Educational Trust
  • Professor John Denham, Director of Centre for English Identity and Politics and former Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
  • Professor Lee Elliott-Major, Professor of Social Mobility, University of Exeter
  • Rt Hon. Justine Greening, Chair of Purpose Coalition and former Secretary of State for Education
  • Dr Omar Khan, Director of Transforming Access and Student Outcomes in Higher Education (TASO)
  • Professor Mark E. Smith, Vice-Chancellor, University of Southampton
  • Rae Tooth, Chief Executive, Villiers Park Educational Trust

We really have a really strong and wide range of paper presentations on intersections within widening participation and vanguard insights into learnings from across the sector, underpinned by a strong, evaluative thread throughout the conference.  The conference will take delegates on a journey of ideas from the cutting edge of policy, theory and practice.  Distilling these ideas through workshops to develop and embed evaluative culture, to frame our work for policy makers and co-create with students to ensure all voices are championed. Delegates will come away, inspired to take collective action through a bespoke piece of their own practice.


5-7 July 2022: Teaching and Learning Conference 2022: Teaching in the spotlight: Where next for enhancing student success? Advance HE

Flagship three-day conference attracting HE practitioners involved in all aspects of HE teaching and learning from the UK and overseas.

The focus on enhancing all aspects of teaching and learning remains a critical issue for those seeking to provide an outstanding student experience at all levels of taught provision.

Advance HE’s Teaching and Learning Conference 2022 will continue to position the spotlight firmly on teaching in a global context. In particular, this year, the conference will explore how we are enhancing student success through all aspects of the student experience including transitions, curriculum design and development, enterprise and employability, assessment, engagement and inclusion, sustainability and much more. Join us to share and learn, network with passionate colleagues and work together to enhance the success of future HE students.


7 July 2022: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm: 6th Black Minority and Ethnic Early Career Researcher Hybrid Conference – how to stay in academia? Theme: Making the invisible visible, University of West London

The underrepresentation of Black and Minority Ethnic staff in academia is noticeable as the student body is not reflected in the staff teaching them. Disparities in outcomes occur across the academic journey as observed in degree-awarding gaps for BME students and the underrepresentation of BME academics in senior roles. For example, currently, there are 22,795 University professors in the UK, from those 6,340 are women and from those only 40 are Black women.

By attending the conference, you will have the opportunity to hear how BME academics have navigated their journey, network, get a mentor and empower yourself through the workshops.

This year’s Black Minority and Ethnic Early Career Researcher Hybrid Conference is co-hosted by King’s College London and the University of West London.


14 July 2022, morning: ‘Next steps for post-16 qualifications in England. Reform of technical and academic qualifications and the future for T Levels’, Westminster Education Forum

This conference focuses on the future of the level 3 qualifications system following the review of post-16 qualifications, and as the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill continues its passage through Parliament. Areas for discussion include:

  • designing a coherent qualifications system
  • next steps for funding
  • the continuation of the T Level rollout
  • raising awareness of the qualification
  • progression routes under the new system
  • encouraging collaboration between employers and the FE sector.

The agenda also looks at:

  • achieving high quality provision and standards throughout the system
  • information, advice and guidance (IAG) – priorities for providing clarity for students and raising awareness of qualification choice
  • aligning post-16 qualifications with the needs of the labour market and tackling skills shortages.

Speakers include: Lucy Andrew, Deputy Director, Technical Education & Qualifications Reform Division, Department for Education; Stella Pearson, Deputy Director for T Level Delivery, Department for Education; Professor Graeme Atherton, University of West London; and Neon; Tom Bewick, Federation of Awarding Bodies; Peter Cheese, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; Simon Connell, Baker Dearing Educational Trust; Patrick Craven, City & Guilds; and Ed Reza Schwitzer, Public First. Book here.


14 July 2022, 16:30 – 19:30: ‘Anti-Racism in Higher Education: An Action Guide for Change’ Book Launch, London

In June 2020, a group of academics, staff and students formed a community to develop a counter-narrative of action to inform and accelerate transformation required for the UK higher education sector to becoming anti-racist, and cultivate meaningful and long-term solutions to Anti-Racism, inclusion, diversity and equity.

Through a series of discussions and contributions with an intersectional group, this action book was rapidly developed to represent the evidence, data, voices and reflections that will enable changes in the sector to accelerate working towards Anti-Racism. The event will be in-person and will involve a panel discussion with the authors and editor followed by refreshments and a networking session; engage with the editor and authors as they share their expertise in a critical discussion pertaining to themes of the book.


15-16 July 2022 ‘Equity in Education & Society’ annual conference, London South Bank University, Elephant & Castle,

The Institute for Educational & Social Equity (formerly ‘Educational Equity Services’) annual ‘Equity in Education & Society’ face-to-face conference held in association with London South Bank University.  The conference approaches three overall themes – faith, class and sexuality; wellbeing, emotional and mental health, and disability; race, gender and identity – and there is a call for papers out, the final date for submissions and abstract 31st May.

Keynote speakers include: Paul Boateng, Civil liberties lawyer, politician and diplomat; Dr Anna Carlile Head of School of Professional Studies, Goldsmiths University; and Naheeda Maharasingam Headteacher, Rathfern Primary School.


12-16 September 2022: ‘Bridges between disciplines: Gender in STEM and Social Sciences’
The main aim of this Conference, held in a safe hybrid environment (online and onsite), is not only to bridge the gap between what has been thought of as separate and decoupled fields of knowledge (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics- and Social Sciences), but also to think about gender differences in Science(s) from an intersectional perspective.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno, PhD. at


14 September 2022: NERUPI Convention 2022, Friends Meeting House, Euston

The annual NERUPI Convention 2022 will take place face to face this year.  The annual convention is for members only, NERUPI (institutional) members to attend (check the current list of NERUPI members here).  Reserve your place at the Convention


29 September 2022, morning: ‘The next steps for the children’s care system in England and improving provision for care leavers’, Westminster Education Forum 

Speakers include: Mark Riddell, National Implementation Adviser for Care Leavers Department for Education on key policy priorities for the children’s care system moving forward; Dan Turnbull, Director, Markets, CMA; Dr Lucille Allain, Middlesex University London; Cathy Ashley, Family Rights Group; Jane Collins, Foster Support; Councillor Clare Curran, Surrey County Council; Harvey Gallagher, Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers; Rachel Harrison, GMB Union; Councillor Cordelia Law, Torbay Council; Hannah McCowen, Catch22; Tim O’Neill, Action for Children; Rebekah Pierre, BASW; and Peter Sandiford, The Independent Children’s Homes Association

This conference will be an opportunity to discuss priorities for the children’s care system in England.  Taking place following the expected publication of the final findings of the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, the conference will be a timely opportunity to consider lessons that can be learnt from the review, as well as to assess its recommendations.  There will be further discussion on issues faced by children and families throughout their time in the care system, their relationships with social workers, and on future provision for care leavers.

Delegates will also consider the future of the social care market following the CMA’s market study, which outlines key recommendations for the sector moving forward.  Further areas for discussion include: priorities for children’s care system; children and families; the workforce; best practice.  Book here.